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New Date Sheet 1st Term Session 2021-22

Date Sheets


previous paper prep

Previous paper class Prep(S.St)

previous paper Ten( 10th)

Previous paper class 10th(S.St)

previous paper Nine (9th)

Previous paper class 9th(S.St)

previous paper Seven (7th)

Previous paper class 7th(S.St)

Q. No. 1: Encircle the correct option: /36

  1. Oceans are of the total Earths mass:
    a. 1/1,000,000
    b. 2/10,000
    c. 1/1,000
    d. 2/1.000, 000
  2. Seismic waves are of __ kinds.
    a. Two b. Three c. Four d. Five
  3. The mouth of the volcano is known as:
    a. Vent b. Cones c. Crater d. Caldera
  4. How many active volcanoes in the world?
    a. 500 to 800
    b. 600 to 800
    c. 500 to 700
    d. 500 to 600
  5. Chemical union of water with a mineral is called:
    a. Oxidation
    b. Carbonation
    c. Solution
    d. Hydration
  6. Exogenetic forces are those forces that operate _ the surface of the earth.
    a. Inside b. Outside c. Within d. On
  7. Erosion is a _ process.
    a. Continuous b. Static c. Dynamic d. Constant
  8. The amount of carbon dioxide is:
    a. 78.03% b. 20.99% c. 0.94% d. 0.03%
  9. Stratosphere extends up to a height of:
    a. 20km b. 60km c. 50km d. 80km
  10. The boiling point of a water is:
    a. 32ºF b. 212 ºF c. 42 ºF d. 100 ºF
  11. Air temperature is now automatically recorded by:
    a. Thermistors
    b. Thermometer
    c. Altimeter
    d. Resistor
  12. The pressure exerted by the atmosphere on the earth is called:
    a. Atmospheric pressure
    b. Atmospheric altitude
    c. Atmospheric temperature
    d. Atmospheric belts
  13. _ in India is the world’s wettest region.
    a. Pataliputara
    b. Dehli
    c. Chirrapunji
    d. Calicut
  14. Condensation is the opposite of:
    a. Precipitation
    b. Evaporation
    c. Collision
    d. Humidity
previous paper Six (6th)

Previous paper class 6th(S.St)

Q. No. 1: Encircle the correct option: /40

  1. _ is the outermost layer of the earth and is just like a thin, solid skin.
    a. Crust b. Mental c. Core d. None
  2. Geologists have been able to differentiate between the earth layers with the help of
    _ waves.
    a. Seismic b. Inner c. Semi d. Plates
  3. Trees have been existing on the earth for around __ million years.
    a. 375 b. 475 c. 175 d. 275
  4. __ percent of the total water on the earth is saline.
    a. 87% b. 97% c. 77% d. 67%
  5. Maps can be classified on the basis of scale and __.
    a. Globe b. Arc c. Purpose d. Climate
  6. Ashoka was the __ mauryan ruler.
    a. 2
    nd b. 3
    rd c. 4
    th d. None
  7. Greek geographers could not see the world beyond __.
    a. Ocean b. Porus c. Breastplate d. Empire
  8. Egyptians built__________.
    a. Egypt b. Mutiny c. Pyramids d. Hunters
  9. The name __ has its reference in Rigveda.
    a. Taxila
    b. Gandhara
    c. Kushan period
    d. None
  10. The word __ is very frequently used in Buddhist text to designate a
    spiritual warrior or hero.
    a. Jainism b. Culture c. Passion d. Arya
  11. __ believe in vedic tradition
    a. Hindu b. Sikh c. Aryans d. Muslims
  12. The word __ means knowledge.
    a. Arya b. Veda c. Rigveda d. Ganges
  13. The _ had a class of farmers who maintained highly productive agriculture.
    a. Indus valley
    b. Rivers
    c. Dravidians
    d. Tigris
  14. __ composed five hymns.
    a. Aryans
    b. Rulers
    c. Society
    d. Pravidians
  15. The world’s first town __ were the people of the Indus valley civilization.
    a. People b. Citizen c. Planners d. Scripts
previous paper Five( 5th)

Previous paper class 5th(S.St)

Q. No. 1: Encircle the correct option: /42

  1. Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on _.
    a. Moon b. Venus c. Mars
  2. Kashmir was ruled by a Hindu maharaja named _.
    a. Hari Singh b. Gulab Singh c. Ranjit Singh
  3. Muslims ruled over the subcontinent for __.
    a. Decades b. Centuries c. A millennium
  4. Savings, account, deposit, transaction, etc are specific words related to __.
    a. Banks b. Schools c. Hospitals
  5. _ tax is charged to drivers for using a road or a higway.
    a. Income b. Toll c. Property
  6. There are __ branches of government.
    a. Three b. Four c. Five
  7. _ is the most important institution of socialization.
    a. Masjid b. Family c. School
  8. In some western societies, grandparents usually stay in __.
    a. Old age homes b. Hotels c. Homes
  9. In Pakistan, __ is the medium of communication.
    a. Urdu b. English c. Persian
  10. Writers give their opinions in newspaper _.
    a. Cartoons b. Reports c. Columns
  11. A greenhouse is built of _.
    a. Wood b. Glass c. Bricks
  12. The _ changes from day to day and even from hour to hour.
    a. Climate b. Weather c. Environment
  13. National and international boundaries can be shown on _ maps.
    a. Road b. Thematic c. Political
previous paper Three(3rd)

Previous paper class 3rd(S.St)

Q. No. 2: Fill in the blanks. /5
Trees, Chagai, natural, roads, eight

  1. Water is an important _ resources.
  2. The sand cat is found in ___ desert.
  3. _ clean air and save us from air pollution.
  4. We must sleep _ hours daily.
  5. The government provides us with __ for travel.
    Q. No. 3: Write “True” or “False” /5
  6. In olden times there were no clocks to record time. __
  7. Past time is different from present time. __
  8. Animals and plants use the sun for breathing. __
  9. Allah has given man the knowledge and wisdom. __
  10. Dirty water is important for health. __
previous paper one(1st)

Previous paper class one(S.St)

Q. No. 2: Fill in the blanks: /5
1) is Arafat’s best friend. (Hassan / Ali)
2) In village, people live in
houses. (mud / hut)
3) Girls say prayers ___. (at home, in a Masjid)
4) We must keep our Parks _. (Clean, dirty)
5) Fatima keep a _
album. (picture, stamp)
Q. No. 3: Write “True” or “False” /6
1) A stationary shop sells toys.

2) The sun is a big source of energy.
3) We should spit anywhere in a park.

4) Children play in the hospital.
5) We should respect every profession.

6) Hassan has coins from different countries. __

previous paper Two (2nd)

Previous paper class 2nd(S.St)

Q:2-Fill in the blanks with given word bank. /5
Words , politely , police , calm, Adam(A.S)

  1. The _ maintain law and order.
  2. All mankind is from __ and Eve.
  3. Our _______and actions can hurt others.
  4. Allah wants us to keep __ all the time.
  5. We should deal with an unfair situation__________.
    Q:3- Write True or False. /5
  6. Humans are not equal in the eyes of Allah. _
  7. There are many benefits of saying sorry. _
  8. Bullying is good thing.__
  9. There are rules to follow in the classroom and on the playground._
  10. In a school, student’s parents are in charge of all important matters.__