Previous paper class 8th(English)

Q. No. 1: Encircle the correct option. /48
1: How many syllables in the word English.
A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 4
2: word amnesty means:
A) Forgiveness.
B) B) declare
C) General pardon.
D) revenge
3: word conflict is a _?
A) Pronoun
B) B) verb
C) Noun
D) adjective
5: The group with all pronoun is?
A) Naila, Asad, Nasreen,Noor
B) Begin, behaviour,Very, sluggish
C) He,Me,They,their
D) Poor,noble,cool,casese
6: Revenge _ bloodshed is forbidden.suitable preposition is? A) On B) of C) For D) to 7: One who lies is called? A) Lier. B) liar C) Lawer D) layer 8: When is your exams? Underlined word is a adverb of?
A) Manner. B) place C) Time D) degree
9: Go in for. Underlined word is
A) Verb
B) phrasal verb
C) Preposition
D) conjunction
10: Author of the poem On The Ocean is:
A) H.S.Leigh
B) shelly
C) S.T. Coleridge
D) W.Worth